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A 1000 calorie diet plan will help you lose weight fast. You might want quick weight loss because you have an important date coming up like a wedding or maybe summer is on its way and you need to lose a few extra pounds of fat. These are only a few possible reasons you might want to go on a 1000 calorie diet menu for one full week. I’m sure you have your own! The following plans are very low calorie and you should not follow low-calorie diets for too long.  One week should be okay. Make sure you drink lots of water on this diet.

we provide a 1000 calorie diet plan with 7 days of possible menus.

All portion calories counts are approximate. Where the menu calls for a potato, for example, or an apple, always choose a smaller size. Same goes for meat and eggs.

Step 1: Define how many calories you need daily

To find out how many calories you need daily use this tool: Daily Calorie Intake Calculator. This will give you the number of calories you need to maintain your weight, lose 1-2 pounds per week or gain 1-2 pounds per week.

Female in good shape: For me (female), to use the Daily Calorie Intake Calculator, I would enter 120 pounds, then since I’m 5’6″ I would enter 66 inches (5 feet x 12 inches/feet + 6 inches = 60 + 6 = 66), then I would enter 29 years old female and exercise 3-5x per week.

This gives me 2085 Calories a day.

Male in good shape :

For my boyfriend, to use the Daily Calorie Intake Calculator, I would enter 175 pounds, then since he’s 5’9″ I would enter 69 inches (5 feet x 12 inches/feet + 6 inches = 60 + 9 = 69), then I would enter 36 years old male and exercise 6-7x per week.

This would give him 4425 Calories a day.

Step 2 : Define how much calories you need to lose weight

You can skip this step my just using the Daily Calorie Intake Calculator.
Ok so here’s how it works.

To burn 1 pound of fat you need to burn 3500 calories.

  • To burn 1 pound of fat per week, take off 500 calories a day.
  • To burn 2 pounds of fat per week, take off 1000 calories a day.

Me and my boyfriend both want to lose 2 pounds a week at this point.

Female (29 years old, 120 pounds, active) :

2775 Calories a day (maintenance) – 1000 calories (deficit) = 1775 calories a day.

Male (36 years old, 175 pounds, very active) :

4425 Calories a day (maintenance) – 1000 calories (deficit) = 3425 calories a day.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t work for everyone, it’s just a guide line, not an exact science.

To find the real amount for yourself :

Weight your self at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week. If you lost more than 2 pounds, add 10% to your calories for the next week. If you lost less than 2 pounds, reduce your calories by 10%.

I found that 1500 calories work better for me. My boyfriend is fine with 3400 calories.

Step 3: Find out how much protein you need

Getting the right amount of proteins is key to the Ketogenic diet!

Eating too much protein can throw you off Ketosis as eating too many carbs would!

Since it is recommended to have between 10% and 35% of proteins in your diet, I like to aim for the middle at 22.5%. Having more proteins on a diet will reduce muscle loss. On the other hand, having too many proteins will throw you out of ketosis since it will turn into glucose.

So to have an idea of how many proteins you need, use the Keto Calculator.


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