1,200 Calories Easiest Keto Diet Meal Plan For Quick Weight Loss


First and foremost, you need to understand one thing is that it is all about you keto diet meal plan. There is a particular amount of calories that every person needs to take in order to maintain their weight. On the other hand, if they wish to lose or gain weight, they need to stay in a deficit or surplus respectively. An average woman needs to take 2000 calories keto diet a day in order to maintain their weight but in order to lose one pound a week, they need to take 1500 calories keto diet a day.

Similarly, an average man needs to take 2500 calories a day in order to maintain their weight but in order to lose one pound a week, they need to take 2000 calories keto diet a day. Are you thinking that’s really less food? No, it isn’t! If you are eating properly, nutritious food, rather than junks and high carbs, you tend to stay full throughout the day. You don’t feel hungry all the time and your calories are also consumed within limits. One thing you need to understand is that nothing is harmful if it’s taken within a specific limit. Craving for something chocolate? Try adjusting a small piece of it in your keto diet meal plan for weight loss so you lose weight easily.

1200 Calories Keto Diet Meal Plan For Weight Loss

Now, since you’ve understood how this works, let’s talk about the keto diet meal plan. It is always suggested to go low-carbs because even though Carbohydrates provide you energy, tend to make you feel hungry throughout the day and make you crave for all the sweet and sugary stuff. Know why this happens?

Carbs are not bad, in fact, they’re important for your body and your health and they provide you the necessary energy to run throughout the day but carbs don’t make you full which is why you are never able to track the amount of it that you’re taking in. Carbs are also in two forms, simple and complex, which is a wide topic to talk about. However, avoiding simple carbs like white bread, pasta, and taking complex ones like whole grains, quinoa, fruits, and veggies is healthier, will make you stay fuller and will not even promote weight gains. So that is here why we talk about keto diet meal plan.

How Meals Should Be Taken In Your Keto Diet Meal Plan?

1200 Calories Keto Diet Meal Plan is the best diet plans to work with. If you keep working with this while you also stay in a caloric deficit, permanent and healthy weight loss with keto diet meal plan would not be a problem. You’ll lose weight with keto diet while your body would not be in any starvation mode and will take in all the possible nutrients that it needs. All you need to do is, eat keto diet in an organized manner. As the quote ‘Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper’ suggests, you need to have a heavy breakfast and the other two meals should be lighter comparatively. In the midst of all this, you need to figure out ways to combat your hunger pangs in healthier ways with your keto diet meal plan. Snacking is healthy if not done mindlessly. It is very important to snack between the meals but you need to make sure what you eat has more volume and fewer calories. A few examples are cucumber, watermelon, grapefruit and a lot of other things that have lesser calorie count but makes you full too!

But, before creating a keto diet meal plan for weight loss, you need to monitor yourself too. Are you really hungry or is it just your boredom or thirst? Are you stress-eating? If these are a few reasons behind your hunger, you must first hydrate yourself. Drink water, make yourself busy, calm yourself down and see if you’re still hungry. If you’re not, you’re doing it just right! Here’s an example of a diet plan that I’ve created to lose some pounds in a week’s time. You might want to make switches as per your choices, but don’t forget, no caloric surplus and no junks.

Suggested 1200-Calorie Keto Diet Meal Plan

Here is 1200 Calorie Keto Diet Meal Plan For Weight Loss:

Monday’s Keto Diet Meal Plan

Start the day withApricot porridge with toasted seeds, have a chicken and tomato sandwich for lunch and this Mixed vegetable and bean curry for dinner.

Tuesday’s Keto Diet Meal Plan

Kick-start your day with this breakfast ofAlmond, apricot and pumpkin seed granola, have a tasty ham sandwich for lunch and an afternoon snack ofHealthy hummusand an oatcake. Try this crisp salmon saladfor dinner.

Wednesday’s Keto Diet Meal Plan

Enjoy this Apple and muesli smoothiefor breakfast,Spaghetti wtih courgette, chilli, tomato and baconfor lunch and aChicken and lentil curryfor tea.

Thursday’s Keto Diet Meal Plan

Breakfast is this Apricot porridge with toasted seeds, lunch is a deliciousTandoori chicken chapattiand tea this Lamb tagine, with aWholemeal fruit baras a snack when you want it.

Friday’s Keto Diet Meal Plan

After a breakfast of bran flakes, have aSalmon, red onion and sweet pepper wrapfor lunch and for dinner it’s this Cod with tomato sauce.

Saturday’s Keto Diet Meal Plan

It’s Almond, apricot and pumpkin seed granolafor breakfast, this Mackeral salsa wrapfor lunch and a quick and easy Thai chicken stir-fryfor dinner.

Sunday’s Keto Diet Meal Plan

Lazy Sunday starts with a bowl of no-added-sugar muesli, this Welsh leek rarebitfor lunch andMarinated chicken skewers with couscousfor tea.


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