High Fat Low Carb Foods: Everything You Need To Know


The High Fat Low Carb Foods, is an eating plan which encourages followers to prioritise protein like meat, fish and eggs and natural fats like butter, and avoid sugar and starches. It’s a very straightforward diet, with no weighing and no calorie counting – just stick to the principles of High Fat Low Carb Foods, and you should lose weight.

This style of adopting a High Fat Low Carb Foods has been popular in countries like Sweden and Norway since the late noughties, but is slowly but surely making its way to UK shores.  The idea is that foods that contain more fat are more satisfying, meaning that you’ll naturally consume what you need and then stop when you’re full.

What Can I Eat On The High Fat Low Carb Foods?


Meat is a staple of the High Fat Low Carb Foods. You can cook it in a fat such as butter, and season it however you wish, without worrying about trimming every inch of fat as you might with other weight loss plans.


Mixed, poached, seared or in a frittata – eggs are a filling choice, and stuffed with sound protein.

Fish And Seafood

No sorts of fish are untouchable, in spite of the fact that supporters regularly support greasy, slick fish like salmon or mackerel.


However, not all veggies are created equal, and if you’re following High Fat Low Carb Foods, you should only consume vegetables that are grown above ground. This means you can enjoy cabbages, brocolli, asparagus, courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, peppers and more, but are recommended to avoid root veg. Onions are generally allowed in moderation.

Nuts And Seeds

Excellent for grazing on, nuts and seeds make a brilliant high fat snack, although some restraint should still be exercised with these foods.


Rich and smooth sauces include flavor and the prescribed fat to dishes – attempt bernaise, hollandaise, or cheddar sauces on your lunch or night dinner

Tea And Coffee

Caffeine is still on the menu – just cut out your sugars, if you have them, and opt for full-fat milk or cream. You may have to re-think your usual go-to pasta dish or roast dinner, but High Fat Low Carb Foods can be filling and plentiful.

What should Avoid On High Fat Low Carb Foods


Bad news if you’ve got a sweet tooth – sugar is the biggest no-go for those following LCHF principles. This means cutting out baked goods, sweets, cereals, fizzy drinks and any other main offenders.


As you’ve probably guessed, starchy carbohydrates like rice, pasta, bread and potatoes are also off the menu. You may like to try substitutes like cauliflower rice or spiralized vegetable pasta whilst you get used to this way of eating.


Even though they’re natural, fruit is high in sugar. You can eat it once in a while, if you like, but think of it like having a chocolate bar or other occasional treat, rather than an everyday food.


Margarine is full of unhealthy chemicals and unnaturally high levels of fats – you’re far better off eating natural butter instead.


Alcohol can be drunk in moderation on High Fat Low Carb Foods plans, but yeasty, sugary beer isn’t on the approved list, as it’s very high in carbohydrates. If in doubt, read the label: the carbohydrate component of the food should be 5% or less.

Pros Of A High Fat Low Carb Foods

So why low carb high fat? Studies have shown this type of diet tends to have a higher rate of success for weight loss compared with the traditional low fat approach. It’s also good for controlling blood sugar, and allows participants to eat unlimited quantities of certain foods rather than preaching restriction.


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