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This free one-week keto diet meal plan for weight loss is geared toward beginners who want to save time with a plan you can follow easily.  Follow this healthy keto diet plan for 7 days to lose weight and feel great!  This keto weight loss meal plan is also dairy-free, gluten-free, and low calorie to speed up your weight loss!  If you’re wondering “how do I start a ketogenic diet for free?” you’ve come to the right place! This post contains affiliate links.  I only post links to products I completely trust and highly recommend.

When I first started the keto diet, I felt really overwhelmed and confused!  I was wondering “how do I get started on keto?”  There were so many rules: macros to count, foods to avoid, ketones to measure.  It was just too much– I almost quit before I even started my first week!  I wished there had been a free keto diet meal plan for weight loss I could have followed for fast weight loss without the confusion, but I couldn’t find anything that suited my needs.  I was looking for a clean, dairy-free approach to keto with recipes made from real food.  I couldn’t find anything, so I created my very own 7-day keto diet menu!  Today, I’m sharing that keto meal plan for weight loss with you, so that you can have a fast and easy transition into keto without any frustration!  This is an easy to follow one-week ketogenic diet meal plan to lose weight and feel great!

This keto diet meal plan for weight loss is completely free and super easy to follow!  It includes some of my favorite real food keto recipes and your macros are already calculated for you (and calories too!)  In order to facilitate fast weight loss, this keto diet meal plan for weight loss is restricted to 1200-1500 calories per day.  Fat is very satisfying and you’ll be surprised by how full you’ll feel on just 1200 calories.  Many people lose up to 10 pounds or more on similar one-week keto diet meal plan for weight loss.  Each day on this keto diet menu includes a breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack/dessert recipe.  The recipes are delicious and super easy to make!

This keto meal plan for weight loss follows the “classic keto” guidelines of approximately 75 % fat, 20 % protein, and 5 % net carbs a day.  You should eat one serving of the recipe unless otherwise noted.  If you’re still hungry when following this keto diet meal plan for weight loss, you can add extra fat (i.e. coconut oil, MCT oil, fat bombs, etc.)  You can also add extra fat by dipping your food in mayonnaise– just make sure you watch your calories and don’t go too overboard.  Another option is to double up on the servings (i.e. eat 2 servings of a recipe instead of one), which will keep your macros the same but double your calorie consumption.

Some helpful tips for this free keto meal plan for weight loss:

  • Each breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this keto diet meal plan for weight loss is a new recipe.  I purposefully chose not to repeat recipes because I wanted to give you as many different options are possible throughout the week.  If you don’t feel like cooking new recipes each day, you can repeat days using your leftovers (i.e. follow the day one menu on both Monday and Tuesday, so you don’t have to cook new recipes).
  • Remember, this is a CLEAN keto diet meal plan for weight loss.  This means that all the recipes are dairy free and use healthy, whole-food ingredients.  Many of the recipes are paleo, as well.  This adds the potential for faster weight loss and better results overall.  Plus, it’s healthier for you!
  • Other than salads and soups, most of these recipes freeze very well.  When I was on the ketogenic diet, I would cook several recipes over the weekend and freeze them to eat during the week.  It made the keto diet super easy and saved a ton of time.
  • Some of the snack recipes are used more than once during the week, so you don’t have to make new snacks every day.
  • I wanted to make sure there was plenty of variety on this keto diet menu, so you won’t get bored!  This keto diet meal plan for weight loss has Mexican, Japanese, Italian, Indian, and much more.  Every day on this keto diet plan will be an exciting culinary adventure for you!  Who says diet food needs to be bland and boring?

Even though I am no longer on the keto diet myself, I learned a ton from the many months I was on it and think it’s a great diet/lifestyle for many people who want to lose weight and get healthy quickly. The awesome thing about keto is that you don’t have to starve yourself because when you eat the right foods to get into ketosis your body works FOR you to burn off excess fat. This healthy, low carb approach to eating works well for many people as both a short-term diet and a lifestyle change, but it all starts with this easy one-week keto diet meal plan for weight loss of beginners!

One important note before we get started!  This Keto diet Meal Plan for weight loss of Beginners is an example of what an effective keto diet generally looks like.  It’s meant to give you ideas about what keto recipes you could try and what your macros might look like.  Although many people have great success on keto, it’s not safe or effective for everyone.  If you’re interested in trying keto, you should consult with a doctor or registered dietician who can determine if a plan like this would be safe or effective for you and help you customize it to your needs.

Everyone is different and I make no guarantees about weight loss or results if you choose to follow this plan.  For your own safety, you should always take responsibility for your own well-being and seek out professional guidance before starting any kind of diet plan. So, are you ready to check out the FREE One Week Keto diet Meal Plan for weight loss of Beginners?  Let’s do it!

P.S. I recommend measuring your ketones with this ketone meter here.  It’s the quickest and most accurate way to measure whether or not you’re in ketosis!  You can also try measuring with these ketone strips here for a cheaper, but less accurate option. Disclaimer: Please be aware that I am not a doctor or nutritionist.  I am not qualified to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease or condition.  You should always consult a qualified health professional before starting a new diet.  This post is for informational purposes only and does not guarantee any results.

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