• January 18, 2021


As you probably know by now, the most common ketogenic diet is the standard keto diet which means intake of very low carbs (5-10% from your daily intake), high fats (70-80% daily intake) and moderate intake of proteins (20-25%). This is a healthy diet and helps you lose more weight than any other diet, but also offers you a possibility for different food combinations. You don’t have to count your calories every time, just avoid food that is high in carbs, starchy foods, and alcohol, and increase the intake of fats.

With little imagination, you can prepare delicious and tasty recipes and you’ll lose weight at the same time. Before to present you our 2 weeks ketogenic diet meal plan, just to remind you that your physical activity has a direct impact on your daily calories intake! If you are highly active, you will have to increase the intake of proteins and carbs, but in that case, you’ll have to implement a Targeted Ketogenic Diet, which means that before exercise you must consume carbs and proteins, especially if you want to gain or maintain your muscles. But if your physical activity is moderate like aerobic exercises, cycling, and jogging, you don’t need to increase carbs and proteins intake, because once you are keto-adapted, your body will use fats and ketones as energy fuel.

This guide to keto meal plans is for everyone. The is a little something for everyone, including an entire section dedicated to vegetarian keto meal plans. Meal plans are a great way to get started on the keto diet, or even learn brand new recipes if you have been at it for a while. In these meal plans you, you will find many weeks worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners perfect for the keto diet. The best part is the meals in these plans are foods you already love and are familiar with, just reinvented for the keto diet! Along with all of these recipes you may drink a lot of water, tea, coconut water, coffee, keto vegetable juice; from hard alcohol choose tequila, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, straight vodka, rum, gin, cognac, brandy; from wines choose dry or semidry because they have fewer carbs; from beers choose light options! It’s best to choose hard liquors because they don’t have carbs unless they’ve been flavored.

This diet plan follows the ketogenic diet guidelines. It’s dairy-free and the vast majority of recipes are sweetener- free (sweeteners are optional). As always, I made this diet plan easy to follow and included Nutrition Fact for each meal and day. By following this plan, you won’t have to track your carb intake or other macro-nutrients. Apart from the diet plan itself, you will find useful tips and basic ketogenic diet guidelines. Before I get to the diet plan I will outline the basic principles of the ketogenic diet. As long as you follow my plan you shouldn’t worry about your macronutrient intake. I’ve designed it with moderate fat loss in mind so daily calories are about 1,500 – 1,600 kcal. If you suffer from any health conditions make sure you consult any dietary changes with a health professional. Features of the Ketogenic Diet Plan: ‎Keto Calculator Ketogenic Diet Menu Examples Weekly Keto Menu Plans Keto Diet Plan Menu Keto Diet Plan Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan for Men Keto Diet Plan for Bodybuilders Keto Diet Plan Calculator  

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